Print Services

One of the most overlooked areas in any business is the printer. When you can't print, everything comes to a stand still. Production suffers, deadlines are missed, your clients become irritable, every imaginable nightmare could easily become a reality. The end result affects your "Bottom Line".

Managed Print Services (MPS)

MPS are a comprehensive suite of offerings delivered in a consultative engagement. With global expertise, we leverage our experience and reach to provide a scalable imaging and printing structure. By implementing MPS solutions, you can:

Reduce costs by gaining visibility and control over your imaging and printing technology, assets and supplies.

Free up time for IT and end users to focus on the core business.

Improve productivity and accelerate business results with enhanced document workflows.

Mitigate security and compliance risks with authentication, authorization and auditing solutions that help control access to documents and data.

Increase environmental sustainability with energy-efficient products, as well as software and services that help you better manage print volume.

Other Print Services

In addition to MPS we offer prompt on-site service to help you in those emergency situations.

We also offer Printer Maintenance & Service Contracts for the regular care and maintenance of your printers to insure minimum down time as well as to extend the life of these valuable assets. These contracts help with your maintenance budget.

DPE's Recommendation:

We will provide your organization with first class maintenance on a scheduled basis to insure proper operation of your printers. Maintenance sessions are conducted on-site at your location. This includes a thorough inspection of your printers for worn or broken parts and/or foreign materials. The technical representative will clean, lubricate and make necessary mechanical adjustments to the equipment. In addition, we will vacuum out any toner dust and clean out any debris in the paper path. This will be done twice per year.

The security of knowing that your "Bottom Line" is well maintained is what our "Bottom Line" is all about.

Our Services include...

  • Printer service contracts
  • Fast on-site printer repair & cleaning
  • Economical in-shop printer repair & cleaning
  • Large parts inventory
  • HP & Lexmark warranty work
  • Technical phone support
  • New printers, accessories and supplies